Wide Calf Boots

Stylish wide calf boots for all women. View our extensive range of boots with wide calves, from various quality brands. The boots are made of beautiful leather, and they will look good for years.

Use the filters to search by calf circumference.

The average calf size of women is no longer 36 cm. But it is still very difficult for people with full calves to find the right boots for them.

Not everyone likes putting pieces of elastic in their boots, and of course a lot of people want fashionable boots. Fortunately, a lot of beautiful collections of wide calf boots can be found online.

We offer a wide range of quality brands like Jilsen. The boots are available for calf circumference between 40 and 52 cm. Make sure to measure your calves properly. Do this by sitting down and measuring your thickest calf. Then you can use our filters to see a selection of boots that are perfect for your calves.

We offer 100% safe offers via the Mollie payment measures (such as iDeal and Bancontact) or via PayPal. If you don’t like your boots or if they do not fit, you can send them back, and your purchase amount will be reimbursed. Feel free to contact us for professional advice.


People have been wearing boots for a very long time. It was even the most popular kind of footwear for men and women between 1400 and 1850! Since then a lot has changed in the world of shoes, and by now shoes are typical shoes for women. A lot has also changed with regards to quality. Our shoes offer a lot more support now, and we make use of all the possibilities.

The possibilities of boots

For example, there is the possibility to have our shoes provide even more support, with an inlay sole or customized sole. And it’s also easier than ever to explore your options and look at the various kinds of shoes in your size. At widecalfboots.co.uk, we sell the highest quality wide calf boots. Even if you need a bigger size, you will always be able to find the perfect boots. They won’t just be the perfect size, they’ll also look amazing!

What do we offer?

We believe it’s important that you buy shoes of the best quality, shoes that don’t just look good, but also fit perfectly. That’s why we at widecalfboots.co.uk guarantee the best quality and service. Are you looking for boots for full calves? Then it’s important to look at the various options in our online store. Would you like to come and fit your new boots, instead of buying them via our online store? You can always visit our showroom in Lemmer to find your favourite boots. We will be able to give you advice, and help you find the perfect boots for you. Together, we’ll make sure that you buy boots that offer your back proper support.

Only good boots

We think it’s important to help you find the perfect shoe. After all, it’s important for shoes and boots to fit properly. They won’t just be more comfortable, they will also improve your general posture. Furthermore, it’s important to pay attention to the way you walk. An unhealthy walk can have a negative impact on your back, and of course it’s important to prevent this. That’s why it’s important to provide extra support in your boots, for example through inlay soles. This way you can improve your posture, to reduce the risk of back problems. Because the tricky thing about wearing bad shoes is that you don’t realise that they’re bad for your back right away. It’ll take you a few years or months after buying bad shoes to realise. In order to make sure this doesn’t happen to you, We have a wide range, with all kinds of models and sizes. We will always find the perfect boots in the right size!

Jilsen & Solonero boots

On Widecalfboots.co.uk we offer you the complete collection of Jilsen and Solonero. In the future we will further expand our range of wide calf boots.

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