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How do I measure my calves

If you really want to make boots look their best, you have to make sure they fit properly. That is why we offer a wide range of calf sizes, so that you can always find your personal fit. Read our guide below to find out how to measure your calf size.

Measuring your calves is very simple, but very important, so that you’ll never buy the wrong size again.

– Posture

Sit down with your knee at an angle of 90 degrees.

Make sure that your heel is touching the floor and your foot is flat on the ground.

– Measuring

Measure your calves at their thickest point.

If 1 of your legs is fuller than the other, you should measure the fullest side.

– Calf size

You can calculate your calf size as follows. For size 39, the calf size is 39 cm.

So calf 44 is actually 44 cm, calf 48 is actually 48 cm, etc.

With every smaller shoe size, 0.6 cm is deducted, and for every bigger shoe size, 0.6 cm is added.

For example, for calf size 44 shoe size 37, the actual size of the calf is 42.8  cm and for shoe size 43 it is 46.4 cm

For boots with a higher heel the calves may be tighter, because the elevation of the heel puts pressure on the calf. Please take this into account when determining your calf size.

If you like to wear thick stockings and/or pants in your boots, please add 1 cm to your calf size.

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